Sunday, July 21, 2013

Flip Flaps ARE GREAT.....put more photos uncut on a page.....

There are several sizes of Flip Flaps.  For this layout I used the
Memory Protectors® Flip Flaps™ 12" Assortment and you can do 2 of these layouts or variations of them.  They are only $5.76 inc tx and shg.
Order yours today from me and I can give you directions on how to use them.  I love them.  There are also other sizes one of them being 4x6 and it comes with 15 in it for $4.57 tx and shg inc.
The Magic book of the How to Program has the pattern in it for this layout and it is only $17.12 tx and shg included.  It has many interactive page ideas with instructions on how to make them happen.  I
I look forward to helping you order yours........

 4x6 flip flaps................

12 inch assortment flip flaps


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